The Numbered Tracks

I've seen so many request for this that I compiled a list from my albums, from Amazon, and from posts on, and other Internet message boards.

Home Grown! Guide to Understanding The Roots, Vol. 1 (2005)

-30 The Pros (iTunes only)*
-29 No Hometro/Proceed 2
-28 Distortion to Static (Black Thought Mix)
-27 What They Do
-26 Next Movement
-25 Good Music
-24 Lesson
-23 Star
-22 Hypnotic
-21 Silent Treatment
-20 You Got Me
-19 Clones
-18 What You Want
-17 Act Too (Love of My Life)
-16 Do You Want More?!!!??!
-15 It's Comin' (Live)
-14 Double Trouble

* The Pros is not labeled -30 on iTunes, this is just my speculation.

Home Grown! Guide to Understanding The Roots, Vol. 2 (2005)

-13 Sacrifice (Live on BBC's Radio One's Worldwide Show with Giles Peterson)
-12 No Alibi
-11 Essaywhuman?!!!??! (Organix Version) (Live)
-10 Break You Off (Dub/Sound Check at Bogarts Cincinnati, Oh 2003)
-9 Quicksand Millennium (The Legend of Quicksand Millennium)
-8 Pass the Popcorn (Remix)
-7 Don't Say Nuthin' (Remix)
-6 Adrenaline
-5 Lesson Pt. 3
-4 Ya'll Know Who
-3 Thought@work
-2 Boom!
-1 Seed/Melting Pot/Web (Live on BBC Radio One's Worldwide Show with Giles Peterson)
0- Din da Da

Vinyl versions of both volumes 1 and 2 have cold endings on all songs.

Organix (1993)

1. The Roots Is Comin'
2. Pass The Popcorn
3. The Anti-Circle
4. Writters Block
5. Good Music (Preclude)
6. Good Music
7. Grits
8. Leornard I-V
9. I'm Out Deah
10. Essawhamah? (Live At The Soulshack)
11. There's A Riot Going On
12. Popcorn Revisited
13. Peace
14. Common Dust
15. The Session (Longest Posse Cut In History)
16. Syreeta's Having My Baby
17. Carryin' On

From The Ground Up (1994)**

A1 It's Comin
A2 Mellow My Man
B1 Distortion To Static
B2 Dat Scat
C1 Worldwide (London Groove)
C2 Do You Want More?
D1 The Session
D2 Do You Want More (Beat Mix)

** These tracks do not follow the number scheme, but I've included them for completeness. The track-list above reflects the double vinyl EP on Talkin' Loud records.

Do You Want More?!!!??! (1994)

18. Intro/There's Something Goin' On
19. Proceed
20. Distortion To Static
21. Mellow My Man
22. I Remain Calm
23. Datskat
24. Lazy Afternoon
25. ? Vs. Rahzel
26. Do You Want More?!!!??!
27. What Goes On Pt. 7
28. Essaywhuman?!!!??!
29. Swept Away
30. You Ain't Fly
31. Silent Treatment
32. The Lesson Pt. 1
33. The Unlocking
33. The Lesson Pt. 2 (Clean Album only)***

*** This is not labeled The Lesson Pt 2. on the clean promotional album but is the same music as The Lesson Pt. 2 instrumental on the Distortion to Static CD promo. The Lesson Pt. 2 is The Lesson Pt. 1 + drums.

Illadelph Halflife (1996)

34. Intro
35. Respond/React
36. Section
37. Panic!!!!!!!
38. It Just Don't Stop
39. Episodes
40. Push Up Ya Lighter
41. What They Do
42. ? Vs. Scratch (The Token DJ Cut)
43. Concerto Of The Desperado
44. Clones
45. Universe At War
46. No Alibi
47. Dave Vs. Us
48. No Great Pretender
49. The Hypnotic
50. Ital (The Universal Side)
51. One Shine
52. The Adventures In Wonderland
53. Outro

Things Fall Apart (1999)****

54. Act Won...Things Fall Apart
55. Table Of Contents (Parts 1 & 2)
56. The Next Movement (ft. DJ Jazzy Jeff)
57. Step Into The Realm
58. The Spark
59. Dynamite!
60. Without A Doubt
61. Ain't Sayin' Nothin' New
62. Double Trouble
63. Act Too...The Love Of My Life
64. 100% Dundee
65. Diedre Vs. Dice
66. Adrenaline
67. 3rd Act: ? Vs. Scratch 2...Electric Boogaloo *****
68. You Got Me
69. You Don't See Us
70. Return To Innocence Lost (Ursula Rucker) + Still Out Deah (The is no Hidden Track, We Think)
70. Things Fall Apart The Center Will Not Hold (Rich Medina) + The Hidden Track (Rahzel + Scratch) (Early Version of Rahzel's Carbon Copy (I Can't Stop)) (Plus South Park Skit)
71. Act Fore...The End?

**** The Clean Album differs from the retail explicit album in many ways. First, the 'curse' words are either reversed or replaced with with sound effects such as horns, beeps, bird calls, sirens, dog barks or buzzers ala the video version of Boogie Down Production's 'Love is Gonna Get 'cha.'. Secondly, many tracks have slightly different musical sections, background vocals and mixes.
The tracks may blend into one another in a different manner than on the retail version.

I can discern differences on the following tracks:
0)Act Won on the explicit album has the Rhodes keyboard backward-masked. The version on the clean album has the Rhodes played normally. (Thanks to Questlove for pointing this out.)
1)Table of Contents Pt. 1 and 2: Pt. 1 has a different mix, while Pt. 2 has slightly different backing vocals.
2)The end of 'With out a Doubt' where Questlove sings "Black Thought, Kamal on the keys, Questlove rides shot on the M.I.C" has different music.

I am sure there are many other subtle differences between the two versions of this album.

Also note that the promotional cassette of this album sent to reviewers and major retailers has Jill Scott's version of '68. You Got Me' and includes Erykah Badu's version as a bonus track.

***** Two versions of this track exist. The clean album version is different than the explicit version. The explicit version is :51 seconds long and the clean version is 1:31, and while both are Quest and Scratch messing around, they differ in musical content entirely. They share the same name.

The Legendary (1999)

72. Intro/Jusufckwithis
73. Table Of Contents - (Part 3)
74. The Ultimate
75. The Battlestar ?uestacula (Part 3 - The Search For Scratch)
76. The Next Movement

The Roots Come Alive (1999)


77. Live At The T-Connection
78. The Notic
79. Encore
80. (Live at The T-Connect continues), (Stop The Violence Live with Didjeridoo), New Year's @ Jay Dee's *****

***** This track is actually hidden after track 79. and before track 80 on the CD, but I believe that this New Year's @ Jay Dee's is Track 80 in the official Roots canon.


81. What You Want
82. We Got You
83. The Lesson-Part III (It's Over Now)
84. All I Know
85. Ya'll Know Who
86. For The Love Of Money

Phrenology (2002)†

87. Phrentrow ††
88. Rock You
89. !!!
90. Sacrifice (feat. Nelly Furtado)
91. Rolling With Heat (feat. Talib Kweli)
92. WAOK Roll Call †††
93. Thought At Work
94. The Seed 2.0 (feat. Cody Chestnutt)
95. Break You Off (feat. Musiq)
96. Water
97. Quills
98. Pussy Galore
99. Complexity (feat. Jill Scott) ††††
100. Something In The Way Of Things [In Town] (feat. Amiri Baraka)
101. Rhymes and Ammo
102. Thirsty †††††

†The vinyl version has completely different beginnings and endings for all songs. Instead of blending/cross-fading into the next track they start and end cold.
†† The vinyl version of Phrentrow has the complete poem by Ursula Rucker and is approximately 1:30 longer than the CD release.
††† WAOK Roll Call is not present on the vinyl release.
†††† The vinyl version is approximately 3 minutes longer than the CD release.
††††† The vinyl version is approximately 2 minutes longer than the CD release.

The Tipping Point (2004)°

103. Star/ Pointro
104. I Don't Care
105. Don't Say Nuthin'
106. Guns Are Drawn
107. Stay Cool
108. Web
109. Boom!
110. Somebody's Gotta Do It
111. Duck Down!
112. Why + The Mic. and Din Da Da °°
???. The Melting Pot (On U.S. Vinyl, not listed)°°°
113. Din Da Da (On Vinyl)°°°°
113. Melting Pot (Listed as 113 as a bonus track on Euro and Japanese CDs.)

° The vinyl version of The Tipping Point has slightly different mixes for many songs.
°° The Mic and Din Da Da are physically at the end of track '112. Why' on the CD.
°°° The Mic and The Melting Pot are not listed on the U.S. vinyl. They are separate tracks on the vinyl, but are not listed on the label or the album credits.
°°°° Din Da Da is listed as Track 113 on the U.S. vinyl.

Game Theory (2006)°°°°°

114. Dilltastic Vol Won(derful)
115. False Media (Featuring Wadud Ahmad)
116. Game Theory (ft. Malik B.)
117. Don't Feel Right (ft. Maimouna Youssef)
118. In The Music (ft. Malik B. & Porn)
119. Take It There (Featuring Wadud Ahmad & Dice Raw)
120. Baby (Featuring John McGlinchey)
121. Here I Come (Featuring Dice Raw, Malik B.)
122. Long Time (Featuring Bunny Sigler, Dice Raw & Peedi Peedi)
123. Livin' In A New World (Featuring John McGlinchey)
124. Clocks With No Arms (Featuring Mercedes Martinez)
125. Atonement (Featuring Jack Davey)
126. Can't Stop This
127. Bread and Butter (iTunes, European and Japanese releases)
128. Pity The Child (Japanese release only?)

Pity The Child is not on any version of Game Theory.
The review copies of Game Theory contain a slightly different mix of the album, according to a message posted by ?uestlove on He has also stated that the album was re-mastered after the Don't Feel Right promo single was released and that a the Pre-Game EP (online download only) had a unique (and unintentional) mastering as well.

If anyone has a review copy of Game Theory , please sell it to me :)

Rising Down (2008)°°°°°

128. The Pow Wow
129. Rising Down featuring Mos Def & Styles P
130. Get Busy featuring Dice Raw & Peedi Peedi
131. @ 15
132. 75 Bars (Black's Reconstruction)
133. Becoming Unwritten
134. Criminal featuring Truck North & Saigon
135. I Will Not Apologize featuring Porn & Dice Raw
136. I Can't Help It featuring Malik B., Porn, Mercedes Martinez & Dice Raw
137. Singing Man featuring Porn, Truck North & Dice Raw
138. Unwritten featuring Mercedes Martinez
139. Lost Desire featuring Malik B. & Talib Kweli
140. The Show featuring Common & Dice Raw
141. Rising Up featuring Wale & Chrisette Michele
142. Birthday Girl (iTunes, European and Japanese releases)

Other tracks from Rising Down (I'll number these once I get confirmation of their numbers)
The Grand Return feat. Dice Raw & Wadud Ahmad (International)
Hidden Track (Live on WPFW 89.3 , 1994 Ambrose Lane Jr. aka The X-Man, Black Thought, Malik B.)
Pow Wow 2

The iTunes version of the album includes a PDF booklet with liner notes.

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