MTVU's Live Leak: The Roots - Now Streaming Online!

Every day will premiere a new song from the taping, leading up to the release of Game Theory on 8/29.

The songs will be archived on the website for a while, but you'll want to get into the habit of checking daily to watch as each new song debuts over the next week.

The setlist from this studio session includes...

Game Theory
Here I Come
In The Music
Livin In A New World
Long Time (f/Peedi Peedi)
Dont Feel Right (f/Maimouna Youssef)
You Got Me (f/Maimouna Youssef)
The Next Movement

Also, be on the lookout for your favorite okayplayers in the crowd as 25 or so lucky fans were invited into the studio for the taping.

Today's kicks things off with "Here I Come".

Note: Requires Windows Media Player with DRM support. (PC only :( .)
Thanks to HighVoltage for the tip.

tomhayes โ€“ Tue, 2006 โ€“ 08 โ€“ 22 12:21


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