Merry Christmas - The Roots w/ Hurricane & The Gravediggaz 1995

picture of cassette

Hurricane w/The Gravediggas & The Roots A Freestyle Jam On The Tim Westwood Radio Radio Show London, England 4/13/1995

I recently bought this promotional cassette and though I'd share it with everyone. This is the best sounding recording I've heard of this.
The Rahzel / Gravediggaz freestyle is one of the best things Rahzel has ever done.

Download Side1.mp3
Start :Tim Westwood and The Hurricane
9:00 - Tim talks to The Roots
11:30 What Goes On? - Proceed
16:40 - 29:12 Tim talks to Rahzel and
Rahzel does a 12 minute beatbox with Black Thought, The Hurricane and all The Gravediggaz

Download Side2.mp3
Start- Gravediggaz Freestyle with Price Paul on Wheels of Steel
7:29 Black Thought Freestyles with The Gravediggaz
17:00 - 29:36 Hurricane interview

Here's for a small picture of the CDs in The Roots Archive

Merry Christmas,

tomhayes โ€“ Sun, 2006 โ€“ 12 โ€“ 24 21:49


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