The Roots on Austin City Limits? Update: NO

Update: Looks like the cancelled. Let's hope it happens eventually. Updated article

I saw this while poking around the web tonight. I hope this will be in HD when it's aired:

Philly's favorite sons are coming to Austin this week for a taping of one of the best music shows in the world, Austin City Limits. The taping will take place this Friday morning at 11am. Yep, a Roots show before noon. In a stduio. With only a few hundred folks. Outstanding.

Tickets are being handed out today at the KLRU studios from 6-6:30pm. These tickets (max. 2 per person) will serve for admission on a first-come first-served basis and, therefore, do not guarantee entry. However, considering the somewhat odd timing of the taping, and considering many UT students are not here at this time of year, our friends at KLRU think that they shouldn't have to turn people away. So head over to the studios (26th & Guadalupe - map) and get your tickets this evening and make those Friday "doctors appointments" now. (No word on whether ACL will be serving their usual keg beer at the morning show. We knew you were wondering. It's ok.)

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